Suffering from annoying Phobia?

Self-Scaping makes you overcome anxiety, fear and improves confidence into yourself!

My mission is to help as many people as possible showing Self-Scaping to handle difficult emotions and different kinds of issues.

Self-Scaping is similar to guided visualization or imagery as is sometimes used in Mindfulness routines. Self-Scaping uses the unconscious mind in a complex landscape of metaphors and symbols of the internal mental architecture to change these for altering the experience of the topic.

Issues with confidence, phobias, annoying habits, public speaking, relationships, an upcoming presentation? With Self-Scaping you can resolve! Dehypnotize yourself!


Everybody can easily use Self-Scaping safely!

To yield positive changes works very well with Self-Scaping.

We want you to make the amazing changes to become happy, successful, clear, and free.

We believe in our ability to create the best life we can imagine, and we desire to live in our individual way. We can improve it with meditative practices and with Self-Scaping.

Self-Scaping changes the internal representation of issues represented as unconscious symbols to allow a positive experience of the topic.

Transform your body, mind, and life today!

In emergency mode?

If you find yourself in a terrible state.

Self-Scaping your inner metaphors

Center on yourself, perceive and experience your inner metaphors.

Create your peace of mind

Explore and change your inner metaphors for more resources yielding the life of your dreams.

Anxiety without reason?

How would it feel if you would have the ability to eliminate all negative limiting beliefs and any irrational fears, and access all your inner strength, confidence, and the knowledge you have?


Discover our approach to access and re-establish self-control, your inner strength and confidence, and to enjoy an increased life experience.

Our general main topics are:

  • Online Sessions over Zoom, Skype, and more
  • Post COVID-19 Syndrome
  • Finding your Resource States
  • Intuition and Creativity
  • Weight Loss
  • Anxiety
  • Stop Smoking
  • Phobias
  • Flight Phobia
  • Exam Anxiety
  • Proactive Mental Health Maintenance
  • Sexual Dysfunction
  • Hypnopsychedelic Resourcing

What our clients say:

How self-scaping has changed lives? Hear from our newest members.

After 2 sessions I completely got rid of my anxiety of teaching a certain difficult class. I am very grateful for these sessions and I strongly recommend to connect.
Calliope Grey
Teacher primary School
I needed 4 sessions to get a mindful approach to a trauma I got very long ago. It was a very special feeling to have it lost completely with living a new life experience.
Alberta Aldo
Nutrition Specialist
I got a very new life experience including now as well aspects of feeling. I was in the past aware almost only on my conscious very analytical mind.
Jorge Cruz

We help you to find your true self and let go of parts that are not you but are placed on you by others, culture, or media with this approach.

Self-Scaping is based on the concept that persons have an internal map for every topic or issue for internal mental representation and to navigate through life.
The arm is positioned as a swan with the elbow supported and the unconscious mind takes up a communication channel with the hand and confirms it with a finger twitch. The unconscious mind agrees to work on the selected topic by turning the hand. One uses one's own metaphor coming into mind or one imagines a map of a town or landscape below the chair one is sitting on which spreads out in each direction until the horizon and becomes 3-dimensional with all the features that are there. One is exploring and landscaping, this means changing things and objects in this metaphor or map to get resources for this situation and to enable moving easily around in the landscape. The protocol instructs the person’s unconscious mind to communicate with the metaphors and exploring and adapting them will unlock the experience of the situation. This changes the internal representation of the topic one works on considerably and lets the person have a much better perception, feeling, and handling ability for it. The unconscious mind agrees to implement the found resources by turning the hand back to its original position.

Our scope is teaching people skills to enhance their life quality and to get an exciting positive outcome in each situation.
Sessions are available online or face to face.

Catastrophizing continouosly?

Self-scaping is the best method to quit various annoying behaviors such as anxiety, phobia, getting weight loss, and becoming nonsmoking. Self-scaping is a process through which the subconscious mind gives you access to your inner world. Self-scaping is a little magic, and a good tool to give up phobias, fears, and other unnecessary behaviors such as smoking and become absolutely smoke-free. Customers are very satisfied with the changes, that our sessions teaching caused such as weight loss, anxiety, and phobia. You can develop your full potential with self-scaping at any time to become nonsmoking, free of phobia, and anxiety, and yield weight loss.

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